Lindsay Small-Butera & Alex Small-Butera
Watertown, MA

If you guys haven’t heard of Ice Cream People, let me tell you about it for a second here. the Ice Cream People Project is the brain child of our longtime good friend and amazing illustrator Brain Butler. He has worked tirelessly for years to prove and support the existence of the elusive person who also is made of ice cream, including gathering as many artist depictions as possible together in one place for everyone to enjoy. He’s had lot’s of amazing and famous arists contribute to the project, and Alex and I are honored to finally participate (even though he’s been asking us for years, sorry Brian!!). So here is our Baman entry, fulfilling perhaps the role he was always born to play. That being floppy, formless dessert goop.

You might recognize Brian and his awesome art from his various depictions of Baman Piderman characters, most recently his awesome contribution to the “Ghost Night” episode where he provided the amazingly spooky portrait found down the trap door (which you can check out in full right here!) Brian is a huge inspiration to me, and draws some of the most incredible, colorful, hilarious things I’ve ever seen. You should all be following him if you love rad arts!!

And you should all make an ice cream person and check out the project on tumblr, facebook, twitter, and blogger too! If you want to make your own and send it to Brian, you can grab the template right here!

Thanks again Brian!! Happy ice creaming everyone.

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The Small Press Expo is happening tomorrow and I CAN’T WAIT! I’m gonna have a boatload of goodies with me!  Debuting tomorrow is my new comic Fight Frogs ($15) I’ll also have a reprint of Executioner and Friend: Collected Short Comics ($13), as well as leftover copies of Ugs, Fugs, and Grossos ($8), Roll For Initiative ($5), and Bits in Multiples of Eight (10)! I’m also going to be having a screen printed poster blowout, with 1 new design and 3 returning ones all for $20 a piece! Wowza! Swing by tables W80-81 and say hi to Andrea Kalfas, Sam Bosma, Kali Ciesemier, and myself!


@thecottoncandymachine piece.. TROLL. One of my favorite monsters from ye olde monster manual.. Whoever did the original design made it creepy as shit

Skinner, creating the best shredded ghouls as usual. Keep it up, man.

Idiot’s Anatomy by Andreas Martini

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Installation by designers  Masakazu Shirane + Saya Miyazaki entitled ‘Wink’ invites visitors to enter the life size kaleidoscope built inside of a 40 ft long shipping container. 

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Don’s Woodshop Tips by David Plunkert from Mutant #5


Woodman from mega man 2 ❤️